Mayfield Consulting partnerhip with RJW-i

Twelve years after developing the Trunk Main Sampler and undertaking over 2,000 Samples throughout the United Kingdom to much accreditation and satisfaction of undertakers & regulator, Sue & David Williams have decided to move away from site based activities.

Mayfield are eager to ensure that the apparatus, experiences and knowledge are built upon, developed and above all available to be used by all areas of the water industry, both trusted historic client base and potential new custom. Mayfield wanted a small independent consultant to maintain the personal level of service, ensuring kit was maintained and available to all, not just framework providers, which may not be possible via large global consultants.

Mayfield have worked with Richard Wilson on Trunk Main Sampling and Needs Assessment projects over a number of years throughout the UK, both Sue and David agreed that Richard was the perfect candidate to continue the development and implementation of the Trunk Main Sampler.

Richard has over eighteen years experience in the water industry, skilled in site based activities including innovative cleaning / rehabilitation techniques, along with strategy development and design projects, working with numerous water providers including Yorkshire Water, Scottish Water & United Utilities (UU) in association with their various delivery partners over numerous AMP's.

Since 2007 Richard has assisted UU initially with their Price Review 2009 (PR09) justification and AMP5 Trunk Main portfolio submission, including Trunk Main Sampling over fifty locations throughout the North West in a four month period, providing outage / isolation strategies, solution development and cost estimation. Richard has assisted UU in developing a team to implement the design and delivery for this portfolio of outputs and is now implementing lessons learnt into UU's PR14 condition assessment and justification development.

Sue & David will continue to support, advise and provide consultation to Richard for the foreseeable future to ensure the transition for both existing and prospective clients is smooth and that the trusted Mayfield service is continued to be offered by RJW-i.

Clients can contact Richard, Sue or David direct to seek consultation:

RJW-i Tel: 07519 659533
Mayfield Tel: 01837 82329 or 07811 978729

Air Pigging activities on Trunk Main Trunk Main Sampling in operation Internal inspection of cleaned main

Client Comments

Wthout Mayfield, Richard and the Trunk Mains Sampler we would have been searching extensively for the sections of several trunk mains that had caused discoloured water incidents but we didn't know exactly where from.
Nick Preston, Civil Engineering Manager at United Utilities